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"Forest milk" designed by Rise Design Office


"Forest milk" designed by Rise Design Office

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加油!Stay strong! Worst-case-scenario, pass/fail the class so it won’t harm your GPA! College is difficult, so hiccups like this are common for many people. Push through it and do what you *can* (perfection is not expected, Mel - effort, is, however).

Thanks Chazz, I’m definitely gonna work my butt off till the end of the semester and pull through. Thanks for your encouraging words :) 

I’ve been crying and unproductive for the past hour after that midterm and I really need to stop being a bitch and learn physics cause i need to pass and this is ridiculous. 

I cant believe i’ve gotten to the point where i’m in danger of failing a class. 

god melody get your fucking shit together. 


Above San Francisco

Compelling cityscapes and unique vantage points are what drove photographers Toby Harriman, Michael Shainblum and Marc Donahue to capture imagery from the sky and to share an incredible experience above the San Francisco Bay

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Parakeet - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

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bluegreen by (since73)


bluegreen by (since73)

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"John William Keedy explores themes of anxiety and varied neuroses in his photography."

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I suck at physics.